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I’m pregnant and my mums kicking me out

If you are unable to rent privately or buy your own home and find yourself in need of accommodation Bristol City Councils Housing Department would be the first place we would advise you to visit.
In order to access any of the supported housing projects in Bristol you have to present yourself to Bristol City Council and explain your circumstances. If BCC feel that they can help you with housing they will refer you to the Young Parents Integrated Service.
The Young Parents Alliance now provides all the supported temporary housing for young parents in Bristol.

How long will it take for me to be housed?

There are currently about 45 units of accommodation in Bristol and approximately 187 young parents give birth each year – therefore most projects run a waiting list and sometimes you may be bumped down the list should another young person have greater needs. The average tenancy lasts about 9 months before you are able to bid for your own permanent accommodation.

What is supported housing?

Supported Housing is usually a hostel with support staff working on site. Support staff will assist you with claiming the right benefits should you need to. Provide you with valuable life skills for independent living. Staff usually work with other agencies to deliver advice on parenting, breast feeding, smoking cessation, healthy eating and sexual health. They will also be monitoring you as to how you run your tenancy.

What if I don’t need support?

You will able to tell Bristol City Council that you don’t need support. However, this doesn’t mean that you will automatically get your own flat.

Where is this housing?

Right now there is accommodation in Easton, Southmead, Redcliffe and Knowle West.

Give me some digits to dial?

Housing Advice Service – 0117 3526800
Floating Support – Support workers coming to your home: 0786 625 2851
0743 578 7092
Knowle West Project – 328 Wells Road – 0117 977 4528
Easton Project – Kilburn Court – 0117 9559792