Bristol Child Poverty Strategy

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2011- 2020

Bristol Partnership and colleagues across the city have developed a draft Bristol Child Poverty Strategy 2011-2020 (this will be supplemented during that period by action plans which will help partners respond more currently).

Based on both the needs assessment and the results of the Scrutiny Inquiry day, the strategy has been developed with two specific purposes

Firstly, to give direction to ongoing action planning (with the proposal that action plans are constructed on a two or three-yearly basis by short-life ‘commissions’);

Secondly, to enable all partners to be clear about the breadth of child poverty, the role they can play in tackling it and not least, to raise awareness so that potential ‘unintended consequences’ which might increase child poverty can be avoided wherever possible.

The draft strategy is now open for practitioner consultation across the Bristol workforce for twelve weeks.

You can view the draft strategy at where you can also see the child poverty needs assessment. Comments and suggestions are very much welcomed from across the workforce so that we can be confident both that the final strategy has citywide ownership and that we have included any key data which we may have missed.

You can post your comments on the site until Tuesday 25th October, or alternatively you can email your views to:




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