Fight for St Pauls Learning Centre

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Fight for St Pauls Learning Centre

Bristol Council plans to remove all funding from St Pauls Learning Centre as part of £90 million of cuts proposed by mayor George Ferguson.

The library is being looked at separately, but the rest of the facilities would close.

The council says the centre doesn’t get enough use. But it hasn’t asked the opinions of the people who will be affected – the community of St Pauls.

St Pauls Unlimited believe the council’s assessment is wrong. It doesn’t truly reflect the use of the centre or take into account the negative impact its closure would have on our neighbourhood.

We carried out a door-to-door survey in October and spoke to 300 local people – 78% of them use and value the learning centre as an important facility for St Pauls.

We will be campaigning over the coming weeks and months to keep our learning centre open – and we need your support.

Raise your voice against cuts in your community

Today Thursday 28 November at 11.30am, ITV will visit the learning centre to speak to the people who use it.

At 7pm the same day, the mayor will be taking questions about the council budget from the public at City Hall. From 6pm citizens will be gathering at College Green to protest against his cuts.

Get your voice heard. Come to one of these events and show what the closure of St Pauls Learning Centre would mean to you.


For more information contact Maryanne Kempf, on 07944948156 or


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