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the issue

This country faces many challenges as a result of family breakdown: educational under-achievement, poor health, high levels of addiction and financial uncertainty. Yet it is only by giving parents and families the means and opportunities to help themselves fight poverty that we will enable them to give their children the very best start in life. YMGT’s belief is that by improving the life chances of disadvantaged children we can build a society based on social justice and fairness.

Young mothers are stereotyped as poor, ignorant, dysfunctional, immoral and engaging in casual sex resulting in children they cannot care for adequately and do not care about in order to gain access to benefits and council housing. Teenage pregnancy is bound up in stereotypes of working class young women whose sexuality has historically concerned the ruling classes as having a dangerous potential for social and moral disorder. Teenage pregnancy does not often result from ignorance or low expectations, it is rarely a catastrophe for young women. YMGT exists to dispel these myths by promoting that young parenthood can make sense, be valued and can even provide an impetus for teenage mothers and fathers to strive to provide a better life for their children.