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Jade was a YMGT resident January 2001. Jade will be the first to admit that she hated living at Kilburn Court, resented the rules but by the time she had left, she’d made friends for life and counts her time as being the most positive. YMGT is fortunate as Jades career was in housing and she regularly comes back to visit. More recently she and another worker facilitated an 8 week parenting course in conjunction with Single Parent Action Network (SPAN).



Andrea and Neveah came to YMGT in 2008  and moved out and into her own house in 2010. Andrea was YMGT’s budgetting queen and shared her shopping skills with all mums by way of our newsletter ‘How to buy a weeks shopping for £19.00’. Those fantastic budgetting skills enabled Andrea to learn to drive, purchase her own furniture, car  and still have change. Andrea would write some poignant poetry about love and life.  She  is currently studying Social Care at University and we are lucky enough to have her return to become one of our volunteers.  The ideal volunteer to tell mums what life is like in supported accommodation.



Roseena has always been focussed on becoming Queen of the Universe inspite of the many challenges her and Sufyan have had to endure. Roseena was working in Media and Production and recently returned from London after making a short film distributed at the end of  March 2011 and many other media collaborations. YMGT assisted Roseena in accessing child care and other support networks enabling her to realise her potential. Roseena is going to University in 2012 to study computer science in order to fuse digital and creative media. There is not stopping this woman and in between all this Roseena is undertaking an induction in volunteering with YMGT .  We are so pleased to have an ex service user volunteering in our team.



When I first moved in  I was a mess; in loads of debt; going out all the time, getting off my face and sometimes getting brought home by the police, that’s me in the News of the World New Years Day 2011. (while my daughter was staying with her father).  I had got myself into a place I thought I would never get myself out of.   I started to realise that something had to change when my daughter hurt herself and had to go to hospital.  YMGT referred the incident to Social Care and they put my daughter on a ‘child protection plan’ under the heading of ‘neglect’.  I was so upset that anything like that could ever happen to me and I knew right then that something had to change.   So I got myself a part-time job which helped me stop drinking at the weekends.  I also wanted to go back to college and my social worker provided me with 12 hours free child care for my daughter, it took a while to settle into nursery but we got there in the end.  I have now been able to enrol in a college course.  My Housing Support Officer Laura has been such a help with EVERYTHING and to get me where I am now; I’m not sure I could have done it without her.