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…in a double decker school bus at the end of the day, at least 7 children are likely to be going home to families which they do not experience as loving or close; as many as 10 may be shouldering a ‘double shift’ burden of housework and caring for parents who are incapacitated by their own health or social problems; 2 or 3 will be returning to a life of frequent violence between their parents, and 2 or 3 will be returning to a life of beatings and denigration.  These figures are not cumulative and some children will be experiencing several or all of these situations……..(Pat Cawson et al 2000 NSPCC).

There are approximately 14 million children in the UK
60,900 are deemed a child in care
385,000 are deemed a child in need
34,100 are subject to a child protection plan (278 in Bristol)

1 in every 20 girls aged 15-17 becomes pregnant
309 pregnancies to young women under 18 in 2008
40% of these pregnancies led to a termination
2 in 3 teens know 1 or more teenage mums
1 in 3 girls would be okay about it if they fell pregnant by 16-17.

A mapping study of services for homelessness women in Bristol found that women were usually dealing with more than one problem at a time for exampble 1 in 5 homeless women were dealing with more than 10 immediate needs.

Income poverty is often associated with worklessness, but restrictions in working hours and pay rates have shifted the balance – In England 61% of children now live in working families on low income.

In Bristol 75% of children in poverty also live in a lone parent family compared with 68.2% in England as a whole.

Research shows 60% of families at the bottom income quintile cannot afford a weeks holiday away from hone with their children.

Children in poverty can have different experiences at home, from  the standard of their living to not being able to have friends round for tea (The field review).  This lack of access to high quality experiences that many of their peers take for granted forms the bedrock of ongoing exclusion.

3 year old’s in a household with an income of <£10,000.00 are 250% more likely suffer illness.


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