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Provide support with claiming benefits

We offer assistance to young mothers when applying for benefits to ensure that the young mothers are receiving all of the money that they are entitled to.

Providing training courses to young mothers

Our volunteers are highly trained and experienced in working with young parents enabling staff to facilitate the ‘Strengthening Families & Strengthening Communities’ parenting course and to deliver Life Wise Training Modules (certified by AQA)

Enable young mothers to access specialist information from external agencies and charities

We are assisted by external agencies and charities to provide specialist information and advice regarding stopping smoking, budgeting, keep fit, breastfeeding, further education, training, employability and lone parenting.

Provide advice on safe sex

We provide basic awareness of sex and relationships to support young people to make healthy sexual choices.

Arranging trips to local activities

We provide regular information through emails and updates through twitter to young mothers to inform them of events that we will be attending or organising transport to.